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Further revenge on Ryanair

I don’t really want to harp on about how utterly bad Ryanair is. However I just can’t help myself.

I don’t really want to harp on about how utterly bad Ryanair is, how it embodies everything that was wrong with Communism, whether it be the use of the lowest common denominator to achieve an utopian sense of equality, or the general feeling of a gulag experience from the moment you approach one of the check-in desks through to the treatment meted out by flight attendants.

However I just can’t help myself. Not when their Chief Executive Mr O’Leary bleats like a lamb to anyone who would listen (unfortunately too many do and report it) about the ‘swine’ that manage airports. Or for that matter saying that only people ‘from the slums’ will die of swine flu and everyone else will be fine with a few Strepsils. I can only surmise that he has a strong medical background to make this kind of sweeping statement.

That or he is calling on his obvious experience in dealing with those who feel like cattle and swine in his airplanes.

But I guess with his latest condescending and bordering on racist comments which will once again go unpunished, although you and I could get sued for saying half of what he blabs, he is not going to be all that welcome anymore even in the slums or the gutter. So I guess back to the bloodsucking, swine-herding business of running a pretend-to-be airline again.

The only saving grace is that he is now intent on removing check-in desks altogether. Other than the once again obvious discrimination against anyone that doesn’t have a computer or is unable to use one (someone please take him to the European Court of Human Rights over this one), the good news is there will be less of the gulag guards around at airports, where the growing number of us that mercifully don’t travel with them (anymore) won’t even have to watch them abusing their prisoners, sorry, passengers.

Actually Mr O’Leary, why don’t you take it a step further and eliminate your airplanes too and thereby do us all a favour, make airports and air travel a nicer and more civilised experience altogether.