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Che in Central Park

On my walk through Central Park, I encountered the latest installment of the rotating art installation: a purposeful-looking Che Guevara.

On my typical Sunday morning walk through Central Park today, I encountered the latest installment of the rotating art installation sponsored by the city. This time, instead of featuring one sculpture by one artist, they featured: a Roman centurion, a Surrealist woman with a parasol and open drawers coming out of her body, and purposeful-looking Che Guevara.

This last one of course interested me the most, as it comes just as the Obama administration changes the previous administration’s approach to engaging Latin American socialism.

El Che is marching forward in his military gear on a podium inscribed: (“the Che lives. org”). On another side of the podium is a quotation by Che: “Let’s be realistic and demand the impossible.”

I agree: let’s demand that the future of Latin American politics cease to be so polarized and become one of socioeconomic and political inclusion and social justice for all. Now that is a dream worth fighting for.