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Cathy Come Home

The hapless Baroness Ashton is clearly inadequate and is an object of ridicule in Brussels

The European Union’s beleaguered foreign minister is seeking to create a European foreign service entitled the European External Action Service consisting of 7,000 Eurocrats who will represent the EU in the rest of the world’s capitals.

The hapless Baroness Ashton, who has never been elected to any post in her life, and is a classic example of Labour Party patronage, is clearly inadequate and is an object of ridicule in Brussels, particularly among her own subordinates.

As well as proposing the EEAS, Ashton has been easily outmanouevered by the French who are seeking their ambassador to Washington DC, Pierre Vimont, to be the organisation’s secretary-general. If the French are successful, they will have mounted a coup within the EU, having acquired control of the EU’s intelligence agency, the Situation Centre through the so-called Strategic Policy and Security Coordinator, Christine Roger.

Next on their list is the EU’s Military Staff and the Civil Military Planning Cell. In effect, the EU is on the way to establishing a European Army outside of the NATO structure, and a unified foreign policy that will operate, not under any national veto, but subject to the Qualified Majority Vote of all twenty-seven members. Not only is national sovereignty at an end, but the ridiculous Cathy Ashton has conspired to let this happen.