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Captain’s Choice private jet tours give travellers a taste for the high life

Seeing the world these days comes with a fairly high degree of hassle. Gone, it would seem, are the days when travel was associated with old-fashioned glamour, when the journey was all part of the experience, and when service on a train or aircraft could easily compete with a London restaurant.

Even those fortunate enough to fly business or first class aren’t excused the rigmarole of immigration, security and baggage carousels.

With Captain’s Choice, pioneers of luxury overland and private jet tours, those days are back for a lucky few hundred travellers a year.

With extraordinary itineraries crafted to combine the most aspirational and often remotest parts of the globe, our journeys by private jet are quite literally the only way in which to travel.jet 2

From Exotic India and the Mountain Kingdoms to travelling through nine countries on the Ultimate Africa Tour and travelling from the Galapagos to the Falkland Islands on the Ultimate South America Tour, there is simply no better way to explore the world.

For those who want to see as much of our planet as possible in 21 days, Captain’s Choice will even be flying 90 guests in unbridled luxury on a journey to Circumnavigate the Globe in March 2015 – a fantastic journey that back in 1924 took 175 days to complete.

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Everything is included within a Captain’s Choice Tour. We even recognise that for some, travel insurance to remote places might be hard to secure, so we have made provision for that too. One of our tour leaders is qualified in medicine, should the need arise, although our tour doctor is far more likely to be serving wine.

We pride ourselves on intimate knowledge of the places we take you to by private jet. Our tour leaders who will be with you from day one until the day you say goodbye at the Harrods VIP Terminal, work tirelessly with local guides and experts to ensure that we show you not only the iconic highlights, but also the hidden gems that other visitors will never see.

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In an ever-changing world where travel is fast becoming a moving feast, we can promise you one thing. Once you have experienced a journey by private jet with Captain’s Choice, a glorious taste of the high life is never enough.

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