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Best of the Weekend: Florian Homm, Goga Ashkenazi, Iraq Ten Years On

The very best reads from the weekend’s papers

1. Sex, drugs and short-selling: the rise and fall of Florian Homm, The Sunday Times (£)
Germany’s Gordon Gekko was gunned down by a hitman. Then he spent six years on the run after his fund crashed

2. Couple run up £2.7m bill in ‘childish’ divorce spat: Judge awards wife £18million after ‘bitter’ three-year legal battle, Daily Mail
Since Mrs Evans, 47, a barrister, began divorce proceedings in 2010, the couple have wasted £2.7million ‘point-scoring’ before the case’s conclusion this week, Mr Justice Moylan said
3. Iraq: 10 years later, FT (£)
A decade on from the US invasion, the country is engulfed in a political storm and normal life is still just a dream

Pictured above: Goga Ashkenazi

4. Leveson report: Only a gutter press can keep clean the gutters of public life, Telegraph
Legislation to control newspapers threatens our global reputation for honest dealing up on a council estate, so if he can love the high arts, he asks, why can’t the rest of Britain?

5. Kazakh millionaire fights Home Office visa ban, The Sunday Times (£)
Goga Ashkenazi, a multimillionaire businesswoman and friend of Prince Andrew, is attempting to overturn a ban on her entry into Britain

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