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Best of Spear’s Last Week

The five most popular articles on Spear’s last week and the best of the blogs:

The five most popular articles on Spear’s last week:
1. Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV Turns 25 with Galaxy of Star Chefs
With 300 Michelin stars between them, it was only right that 240 chefs gather in Monaco to pay tribute to the modern father of French cuisine, Alain Ducasse, writes Sudi Pigott

2. Lord McAlpine, Twitter and Libel Law: The Facts
Making serious allegations on Twitter can now have unpleasant consequences both for the subjects and perpetrators of such gossip

3. Charities Minister Nick Hurd Says All Should Give 1 Per Cent to Charity

As Spear’s wraps up its 1 Per Cent Campaign, we present our suggestions for donors based on what we’ve learnt, and charities minister Nick Hurd MP tells Mark Nayler why everyone should give 1 per cent of their salary to charity — just like he does

4. Sutton Trust: 12 Per Cent of British Elite Came from Just 10 Schools

12 per cent of those on The Times birthday lists — from politicians, to policemen, diplomats and pop stars — came from just ten independent schools. You can probably guess which ones.

5. Mark Stephens on the Leveson Report, Twitter and Libel

Ahead of the report from the first part of Leveson Inquiry being released next Thursday, I caught up with Julian Assange’s former lawyer and champion of free speech Mark Stephens to discuss the likely impact of Leveson’s recommendations
And the best of the blogs:

1. Ed Tryon at Lichfields on the Key to His Property Firm’s Success
Some were surprised that Spear’s Property Adviser of the Year award went to Lichfields, a relative market entrant, run by 32-year-old Ed Tryon, Freddy Barker explains why the award was so deserved.

2. Nick Candy Penthouse Photos Were an Invasion of Privacy
When a fashion blogger was invited to a party at Nick Candy’s penthouse, then published photos on his blog, he must have known he was going to create a stir

3. Which Cities Contain the Most UHNWs?

WealthInsight has finally stepped into the data void and provided a list of the cities with the most UHNWs

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