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Best of Spear’s Last Week: Masterpieces at Houghton Hall, Thatcher and the Wealthy, Richard Corrigan’s Guest Edit

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week, and the best of the blogs

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week:

1. BBC class test confuses money with manners
I have met plenty of very wealthy people who try as they might, simply don’t posses class. Indeed I have sung for too many of the so-called ‘elite’ whose fake Gainsborough rolls back into a plasma screen

2. 60 Masterpieces to Return from the Hermitage Museum to Houghton Hall, Norfolk
Hot lust, cold hard cash and the fine art of a dirty deal… The story of how Britain lost, and will briefly regain, one of the greatest private collections of Old Masters ever assembled is cause for grief — and rejoicing, says Ivan Lindsay

3. Simon de Pury: ‘Art Has Always Been Used as PR’
The art world was shocked when Simon de Pury quit the auction house he headed before Christmas. Josh Spero is shocked that among his new projects is Fly to Baku, an exhibition of work from the repressive regime of Azerbaijan

4. Richard Corrigan’s Diary and Guilty Food Secret
Richard Corrigan on how his rural Irish upbringing has shaped his approach to food, whether that’s at Bentley’s or Corrigan’s, or when writing his latest book

Richard Corrigan shares his diary with Spear’s
5. BVI account-holders exposed, tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy vindicated
Murphy has been fighting the use of secrecy jurisdictions (his term for tax havens or low tax jurisdictions) since 2003, so today’s news is vindication, if not a surprise, he tells Spear’s

And the best of the blogs:

University Donations Hit Record High, But Why Does Half of This Go to Oxbridge?
Fame and prestige doesn’t matter as much as you think, other universities should look to Oxbridge and Russell Group institutions for fundraising tips

Keith McNally of Balthazar blasts London’s food critics

“My pet hate is the London food and restaurant community which, with two notable exceptions, is a petty, self-regarding, back-stabbing bunch of narcissists who should be put through a meat grinder and dumped into the Indian Ocean.”‘

How Much do the Wealthy Have to Thank Margaret Thatcher For?

An awful lot, says Freddy Barker, who interviewed Eamonn Butler at the Adam Smith Institute and Philip Booth at the Institute for Economic Affairs
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