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Best of Spear’s Last Week: 17th December 2012

The five most read articles and the best of last week’s blogs

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week:

1. Private Client Dining Club
Rising stars from the worlds of finance and law descended on Northbank, St Paul’s, for the private client dining club on the 29th November.

2. Michael Moritz on his £75m Gift to Oxford University

Sophie McBain hears how Michael Moritz’s gift of £75 million for Oxford University scholarships is helping promising students

3. Coutts: Million-pound donations hit five-year high, though total falls to new low

Latest Coutts £1m + Philanthropy report finds ‘significant’ increase in number of million pound philanthropic donors in the UK

4. Jamie Drake Plans to Bring Bling to London Interiors

His namesake Sir Francis is famous for his voyages to the New World, but the A-list New York designer Jamie Drake has crossed the pond in the other direction. He met Charlotte Metcalf in London to talk about boldness, bling and British reticence
New York designer Jamie Drake

5. Michael Hoppen on 20 Years of His Photography Gallery
Michael Hoppen is celebrating 20 years of his Chelsea gallery, one of the first to show serious photography in London, with Finders Keepers, a show of photographs from his private collection which opens tomorrow. Here he talks to Josh Spero about the rise of photography in art and life, selling photos to Lehman Brothes and why Photoshop isn’t always a bad thing for art
And the best of last week’s blogs:

1. Spear’s Advent Calendar: The Best of 2012
We are a traditional bunch at Spear’s, which is why we are bringing you that emblem of Yuletide, an advent calendar

2. With his Melbourne speech, Lord Justice Leveson shows himself shaky on the internet
In his rather convoluted address, Leveson spent an inordinate amount of time explaining that there is something called the internet around these days

3. Withers: Finance Bill Heralds Mansion Tax by Another Name

These changes will apply an annual mansion tax on such properties (of up to 0.7% per annum) and also a charge to capital gains tax (at 28%) on sale of the property
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