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Best of Spear’s: Expert Reaction to Prest, Hailo and two Mysterious Divorces…

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week, and the best of the blogs

The five most read articles on Spear's last week:


1. Expert Analysis of the Prest Judgment

The case is of importance because it has decided that the assets of a company owned by a divorcing spouse can be added into their personal wealth when working out how much the other spouse should receive as a divorce settlement

2. Meet The Driving Forces Behind Hailo, the Black Cab App Killing the Minicab Trade

Hands up who’s fed up of struggling to find a black cab? You can put your hand down now — literally — thanks to Hailo, an app that uses smartphone technology to do the work for you 

3. A mysterious divorce and lingering death provoke a legal wrangle

It was an intriguing story. A husband who nursed his wife through her final illness learned subsequently that she'd divorced him over a year earlier without his knowledge. How could this have happened?

4. Spear's Summer Dinner at Belgraves

Held at the private dining room in the revamped Belgraves hotel, the dinner saw Spear's friends and writers enjoy the cuisine of chef Sophie Michell, the English sparkling wine of Nyetimber and the fine wines of From Vineyards Direct

5. Review: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail, Garsington Opera

Die Entführung aus dem Serail at Garsington was one of the most innovative interpretations of an opera I have ever seen, says Melinda Hughes


And the best of the blogs:

The Recommendation by MPs for an Inquiry into Google's Tax Affairs is Good for Business 

At a time when tech giants are too powerful by far, Google's creative interpretation of UK tax laws gives it an unfair advantage over smaller tech start-ups

How can G8 protestors be anti-capitalism? It's all there is

I don't understand anti-capitalists. It's like being anti-sun or anti-blood: there is nothing else

Rupert Murdoch divorces Wendi Deng – but what about the prenup?

Murdoch is worth a mere $12 billion – so how much of that does Deng stand to get?


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