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Best of Spear’s: Domestic Violence and the Wealthy, Super-basements, Jane Austen’s Ring

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week and the very best of the blogs

The five most read articles on Spear's last week:

1. After Saatchi and Lawson, we uncover the truth about domestic violence among the wealthy

‘What you’re seeking is the nurturing and the love following the violence. If you’re willing to sit through that you get so much love and care and attention’

2. Super-basements hit rock bottom

In early 2014, both Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster councils intend to bring in new planning policies designed to specifically target and restrict basement development, and other councils may follow suit

3. Why high charity CEO pay is not always a bad thing

We are pleased to introduce our new philanthropy blog, Gift Aid, which will offer a spin on philanthropy in the news every other week

4. What legacy will London 2012 and Glasgow's Commonwealth Games really leave?

Before next year’s Commonwealth Games have even reached the starting blocks, the city of Glasgow is wondering what legacy they will leave, says Sophie McBain

5. Responses to Spear's articles on domestic violence and the wealthy

Since I’ve started writing about domestic violence and the wealthy, I’ve received a number of touching tweets and messages from women who are glad to see the stereotype of ‘victims’ of domestic violence challenged

And the best of the blogs:

Art investment isn't a pretty picture

It's a mug's game

When £10 million just isn't enough for the flat of your dreams

The problem is – ludicrous as it sounds – his budget doesn’t quite stretch to his wants and I’m held accountable for that

Does the export ban on Jane Austen's ring show sense or sensibility?

Kelly Clarkson, we assume, was dismayed when the culture minister placed a temporary export ban on her recently purchased ring belonging to Jane Austen. 


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