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Best of Spear’s: Butlers today, mansion tax tomorrow

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week: Butlers today, mansion tax tomorrow

The five most read articles on Spear's last week: Butlers today, mansion tax tomorrow


1. Spear's Speaks to Modern-Day Butlers 

The popular image of the butler may be decidedly Victorian, but the modern-day version must have skills his predecessors would certainly never have required, says Sophie McBain


2. Mansion tax will have to start at £1.25m, capturing 140,000 homes, to raise promised amount

The report also identifies the cost to homeowners if the proposed £2 million threshold is held regardless of inflation and rising house prices


3. Law firms that want growth should look to private-client work

A study found that out of the UK’s ten fastest-growing firms in terms of revenues, five offered traditional private client services, such as family law, succession planning or private wealth


4. On the trail of opera in Beirut, amid wars and lies, and what it tells us about the Middle East today

Could Beirut be the new Bayreuth? Lebanon’s fledgling opera scene is emerging from desperate Civil War days with the help of bold philanthropists and (sometimes) harmonious sopranos — but not everyone is singing from the same libretto


5. The airports and airlines making flying more luxurious

From check-in and security to shopping, lounges and jets, airports and airlines are doing a little blue-skies thinking. Could it spell an end to ‘Heathrow Hell’ and fly us into a brighter future?



Best of the Blogs

1. Review: Collecting Art for Love, Money and More by Ethan Wagner and Thea Westreich Wagner

Many collectors have no taste nor are interested in developing any: they want a greatest hits collection

Pictured above: The Wagners, an art-collecting and advisory duo


2. Speechly Bircham opens Geneva office after failure of Withers merger

Speechly Bircham senior partner Michael Lingens says wealthy families need a law firm which operates in many jurisdictions at once more than ever


3. Watch: Coming off your bicycle – and getting back on

Today, editor Josh Spero reflects on what he learnt about life after falling off his bike and nearly hurtling down the side of a mountain



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