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At the Sharp End: Nick D’Aloisio

Nick, D’Aloisio, the tech prodigy who sold his app Summly to Yahoo for $30 million aged seventeen, faces the Spear’s inquisition

Q: What would your other career be?
A: An artist.

Q: Who has been your greatest influence?
Steve Jobs.

A: What is missing in the world?
Time travel.

Q: In a year, the UK economy will be…
A: Experiencing positive momentum.

Q: Is business a pleasure?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Biggest extravagance?
A: Taking a day of leave.

Q: When I drive, I drive…
A: In driving lessons.

Q: Favourite Twitter account?
A: Stephen Fry.

Q: How many phones do you have?
A:One for personal use, and one for work.

Q: Favourite app (not your own)?
A: Quora.

Q: Which restaurant is indispensable?
A: Zuma.

Q: Which watch do you wear?
A: I don’t wear one; I’ve got my phone.

Q: Where’s your next holiday?
A: Australia, to visit family.

Q: My greatest hope for my career is…
A: To be proud of my work.

Q: My greatest fear for my career is…
A: To end up unhappy with work.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: Krispy Kreme.

Q: Philanthropy should be…
A: An important part of one’s life.

Q: Money lets me…
A: Save and invest.

Q: Where are you right now?
A: In the BA lounge.

Q: Where in the world are you happiest?
A: Asleep in my bedroom.

Q: How did you earn your first pay cheque?
A: Making iPhone apps.

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