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At the Sharp End: Harry Handelsman

The Manhattan Loft supremo and St Pancras Renaissance Man faces the Spear’s inquisition

The Manhattan Loft supremo and St Pancras Renaissance Man faces the Spear’s inquisition

Q. What would your other career be?
A. A film star — that would be fun. Or a ski guide.

Q. Who is your greatest influence?
A. A gentleman called Simon Reichman, who gave me my first job. I learned so much from him.

Q. What is your biggest fear?
A. Nothing really scares me.

Q. What is missing in the world?
A. More Boris bikes.

Q. In a year, the UK economy will be…
A. Coming back fighting.

Q. Is business a pleasure?
A. Absolutely.

Q. How many assistants do you have?

A. Just the one.

Q. Who makes your shirts?
A. Spencer Hart on Savile Row. It’s a luxury but it’s worth it.

Q. Philanthropy should be…
A. Not for show.

Q. My business mantra is…
A. Don’t take good fortune for granted.

Q. Who do you have on speed-dial?
A. Carmelo Guastella at Melogy — the best male grooming salon in the world. (020 7383 0027, since you ask!)

Q. Which watch do you wear?
A. My Ermenegildo Zegna Centennial Limited Edition, made by Girard-Perregaux. It is beautiful and classic.

Q. Where do you summer?
A. I always go back to Israel at some point in the summer.

Q. Favourite hotel suite?
A. The Royal Suite at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. It is fabulous.

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?
A. Movie night with my daughter at home every Friday night.

Q. When I drive, I drive…
A. An Audi S5.

Q. Money lets me…
A. Look after those I love.

Q. My greatest success in business was…
A. Starting Manhattan Loft Corporation in the recession of 1992.

Q. My greatest failure in business was…

A. I’ll get back to you on that one!

Q. Where are you right now?
A. In my office, which is the penthouse of Edison House, a beautiful art deco building off the Old Marylebone Road, NW1.

Q. Which restaurant is indispensable?
A. Dinings, 22 Harcourt Street, W1. It is just round the corner from my office and does the freshest, most delicious sushi. I’m there at least three times a week.

Q. Where in the world are you happiest?
A. I’m generally happy wherever I am.

Q. How did you earn your first pay cheque?
A. It was a summer job as a chauffeur.

Q. To me, wealth means…
A. Good fortune.

Q. Spear’s is sharp and to the point. I am…
A. Short and to the point!

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