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At the Sharp End: Balthazar Fabricius

The founder of bespoke gambling firm Fitzdares faces the Spear’s inquisition

What would your other career be?

I initially loved the idea of managing a band.

Who is your greatest influence?

Aside from my parents, Colin Miles: a legend of the gambling industry [now working with the Hong Kong Jockey Club and China Sports Lottery].

What is your biggest fear?

Not being able to provide for my family.

What is missing in the world?

There are not enough cribbage players.

In a year, the UK economy will be…

In no better place.

How many assistants do you have?

One, Georgia, who is brilliant.

My greatest success in business was…

It hasn't happened yet: I'm still at the table rolling the dice.

My greatest failure in business was…

Using a headhunter.

Who makes your shirts?

Turnbull & Asser, but I can feel myself moving to Emmett.

Philanthropy should be…</strong>

Done according to the guest editor [Ben Goldsmith].

My business mantra is…

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Who do you have on speed-dial?

My wife, parents, office.

Which watch do you wear?

Theo Fennell.

Where do you summer?

Historically, Scilly. Otherwise, Glorious Goodwood.

Favourite hotel suite?

A beach villa on Velavaru in the Maldives is hard to beat.

When I drive, I drive…

I ride a bike in London and try to take the train when venturing out… Not quite true, although I'm trying. In reality, a Prius in London, a Porsche Cayenne outside.

What is your guilty pleasure?

US sitcoms. The Sopranos. Modern Family.

Money lets me…

At university, buy 12in promo vinyl on Berwick Street. Before getting married, buy photographic art. Post-marriage, buy a house. Post-twins, save for school fees.

Where are you right now?

At my desk working out who are the horses to follow this summer. Did I mention I have school fees to pay for?

Which restaurant is indispensable?

5 Hertford Street.

Where are you happiest?

Anywhere where there is a backgammon board, some olives and a glass of La Rioja Alta 1997.

To me, wealth means…

I agree with Woody Allen: money is better than poverty — if only for financial reasons.

Spear's is sharp and to the point. I am…

Passionate and instinctive.

Balthazar will be fighting at the Boodles Boxing Ball in September in aid of five charities