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At the Sharp End: Adam Brown

The founder of the Orlebar Brown men's swimming trunks and resort wear company keeps cool under the burning spotlight of the Spear's interrogation

What would your other career be?
Photographer: I tried it before and would give it another go.

Who is your greatest influence?
My grandmother, who brought me up.

What is your biggest fear?
Heights. I just came back from Bhutan and I suffer from vertigo — very badly.

What is missing in the world?
I like to think of what we have.

In a year, the economy will be…
Much the same as it is today?

Is business a pleasure?
For me it is. Absolutely.

How many assistants do you have?

Who makes your shirts?
Orlebar Brown.

Philanthropy should be…
From the heart.

My business mantra is…
Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Which watch do you wear?
Panerai Luminor Regatta.

Which work of art would you steal?
Anything by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Where do you summer?
North Cornwall, Capri and Mykonos.

Favourite hotel suite?
Anything with a balcony and a view.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Coronation Street… seriously.

When I drive, I drive...
A Range Rover.

Money lets me…
Relax just a little — very occasionally.

My greatest success in business was…
Realising (and accepting) I could not do it myself.

My greatest failure in business was…
Not starting Orlebar Brown earlier.

What keeps you going?
The fear of failure.

Where are you right now?
On a flight to New York.

Which restaurant is indispensable?
Granger & Co on Westbourne Grove.

Where in the world are you happiest?
In the waves on Booby's Bay, North Cornwall.

How did you earn your first pay cheque?
Selling houses at the Prudential.

Spear's is sharp and to the point. I am…
Considered, tailored and colourful.

Orlebar Brown recently launched its OB Every Day collection