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Andrew Grant
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Grant and his team specialise in ‘critical communications’ through ‘times of significant stress and public interest when time is short, scrutiny is intense, and the outcome is vitally important’. Clients include blue-chip multinationals and C-suite HNWs. Spear’s asks Grant to define his approach during a time of crisis. ‘Honesty and empathy’, he replies. ‘You can’t start to manage a critical situation unless you clearly understand where your client stands, the challenges they face, their options and a realistic assessment of the outcomes. Only then can you make a plan that might make a difference.’ On what separates the best from the rest, Grant cuts to the chase. ‘One: spin doesn’t work. Two: there are no “dark arts” that can magic away a problem. Three: engaging isn’t adding fuel to the fire, it’s your only chance to be understood and supported. Four: reputation is based on what you say and do.’