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World’s most expensive dating site launches private jet vacations for super rich singletons

Aimed at wealthy singletons, new dating agency UPdates International flies the super-rich to exotic love islands for £250,000.

Created by Léon McPherson and Gareth Thompson, this unique members club organises trips – or sojourns – for its members taking them by private jet to enjoy luxurious trips to private islands and river cruises from £60,000 - £250,000. Nominated as a finalist in bringing Innovation to the Dating Industry (UK dating awards 2015), members will enjoy gourmet dining, wine tasting, river cruises, luxurious pampering and unmissable cultural experiences on each exclusive trip. These elite trips take place across the globe and range from a long weekend to a full week.


The exclusive members club aims to bring together groups of diverse yet compatible people on a unique dating trip. Members are picked up from their home and chauffeured to the airport to board the private Jet. Once arrived, members are given the opportunity to interact deeply with each other through handpicked experiences with matches made through traditional courtship instead of computer algorithms. Founder Léon McPherson said ‘UPdates gives high net worth individuals the opportunity to meet people with similar interests outside of their social circle. On our sojourns they become part of the action – forging new relationships but within a trusted network’.

A small but expert concierge team manages members’ requests while a lead on-site relationship manager handles all the dating dynamics of the group, including mini dates, travel logistics and itinerary arrangements.  Founder Gareth Thompson said: ‘Whilst online, app and rapid-fire dating are tremendously popular, these cannot replace the enchanting encounter that a shared experience of the trip of a lifetime creates. ‘Sharing new experiences creates irreplaceable memories and establishes an intimate connection between two people.’


The exclusive getaways are aimed at the capital’s super-rich, with membership currently restricted to residents of Greater London and its surrounding counties. As a private members’ club, UPdates screens and vets applicants so thoroughly that the only people allowed to join are already wealthy.


Applicants must be referred by the agency’s trusted network or by calling the agency directly to join the waiting list. All members are interviewed before being accepted and membership is not guaranteed. ‘Our members are successful, interesting and high-calibre individuals. UPdates carefully select each new member to ensure they complement and enrich our existing membership base.’ Léon McPherson stated.

Typical UPdates members are high net-worth individuals aged between 35 and 50; mainly CEO’s, Philanthropists, VC’s, artists, celebrity personalities  and successful people from diverse sectors.

Founded in 2015 by modern day cupids, Léon McPherson and Gareth Thompson, UPdates International’s inaugural sojourn will take place in April this year.

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