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Expensive Tat and Memorabilia

Not all tat and novelty memorabilia comes cheap, and this year the Jubilee and Olympics provided ample opportunities for hoarders and collectors with expensive taste:

1. 5 most expensive pieces of Olympics tat
You may have bought your golden Wenlock or logo'd hoodie at a London 2012 venue, but there is a world of expensive Olympic tat (to put it honestly) out there for the undiscerning consumer

2. Selling Royal Memorabilia: From the Queen's Letters to Tsar Nicholas II's Doodles
Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be — it’s more expensive, for one thing, especially if it’s in the form of a spicy or indiscreet bit of royal memorabilia, says Godfrey Barker

3. Francis Bacon Cushions and Damien Hirst's £36,800 Skull: When Art Turns Into Merchandise
Artists, museums and galleries need to be ever-more innovative in how they raise money. The solution, says Josh Spero, seems to be getting artists to make merchandise a new branch of the arts.

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