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Dickon Ceadel
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‘One might expect big-money divorces to always come down to arguments about how the millions are divided, but actually quite often it is the seemingly more minor details that are equally important,’ says Ceadel. Emotive issues such as ‘who gets to stay in the former matrimonial home, and who keeps the family pet or the inherited coffee cups’ are often the most difficult to resolve, he says. Cue a good family lawyer to smooth the way.

One of the veritable good ones, Ceadel’s mettle is proven. The associate garners no shortage of high praise in high places — not least among London’s top QCs for his dedication to clients and attention to detail (down to the coffee cups, we presume). ‘Dickon Ceadel is by far one of the most engaging family lawyers of his generation. He has that winning combination: great charm, great confidence and great determination,’ says one.

Peers laud his ‘exemplary analysis with sound judgment and above all, common sense’: ‘Having seen him perform under pressurised circumstances, he has proven more than able to project a quiet self-assurance and confidence which has always been backed up by sound knowledge that put those who rely on him at ease.’ Clients are equally keen on the likeable and energetic Ceadel, citing his work ethic, approachability and insight.

Ceadel, a keen sportsman and travel enthusiast, previously worked at Penningtons Manches, joining Wedlake Bell in April.