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Cool off with the Dyson AM06 desk fan

It feels somewhat ungracious to complain about a heatwave, but the UK’s summer has truly been sweltering. So much so, that offices across the country are having to set their rusty air conditioning systems to full blast.

Perfect timing then for the launch of the new Dyson Cool AM06 deskfan. Sleek, stylish and bladeless, it also creates 75 per cent less sound than Dyson’s 2009 iteration, the AM01.

£40m has been invested into developing Dyson’s newest line of bladeless fans, with involvement from 65 engineers. And the results are there for all to witness – if not see. Air moves through these sleek ring-shaped fans steadily and without choppiness. There are no whirring blades. Plus noise is further reduced by a new ‘Helmholtz acoustic cavity’, which dissipates irritating sounds at a certain frequency.

Another useful feature of the new ‘Dyson Cool’ AM range – which also includes large-sized fans – is a timer and remote. This allows users to set one of ten airflow settings over a specific number of hours. Very eco friendly. At medium and low power levels, the fan is virtually soundless too.

The AM06 model is a little on the large side for a desk fan at 12 inches, but it’s no doubt a superb feat of engineering. Not only that, it will look truly spectacular next to your Cartier paperwight and that photo of your kitten.

Dyson Cool AM06 Desk fan is priced at £219. To purchase, go to: