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Claire Gordon
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‘When this is all over would you like to come and be my finance director?’ one client recently asked Gordon. It could well have been one of the number of billionaires she’s worked with over the past year, assisting them on pre-nups and children issues, as well as all the other issues that get sucked into divorce such as tax, employment, confidentiality and intellectual property.

Such a holistic service demands a conscientious approach: ‘I think the key is always to try to think laterally and creatively to solve a client’s problems, rather than heading to court at the first opportunity.’

Praised for her ‘excellent judgement’, she astutely notes that while the rise in reported cases has led to greater insight into decisions, it has also led to greater scope for argument. The Oxford graduate has a response to the increase in exposure: ‘The threat of public scrutiny into their most intimate and private matters places additional pressure on individuals who are already going through a very difficult time, and it may well dissuade them from seeking
help from the Court when they need it most.’