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Tyranny of the minorities

And now the political class dare not tell the truth. Why? Because democracy in Britain is now subject to the Tyranny of the Minorities.

So the three main parties have published over 250 pages of manifestos and we are not much the wiser, and none the wiser at all on the key issues: how to deal with the financial deficit and uncontrolled immigration, which is causing the social security budget to soar out of control and swell the deficit.

The deficit must lead to spending cuts, in fact the biggest cuts ever made in peacetime. The 1,000-odd quangos must largely go and the 850,000 new bureaucratic posts created by New Labour must be cut drastically, but no one says it. Why? It’s because these minorities could affect the whole election in the key 150 marginal seats.

And it’s the same with immigration, where the lone voice of Frank Field MP points out that the UK’s population is heading towards an unsustainable 70 million by 2020, of which over 60% will be new immigrants. He dubs the issue as “The debate that dare not call its name”, a slogan picked up as a headline title for an article by The Sunday Times.

As he and that newspaper put it, immigration is already straining the health service, the housing queues and the educational system, in towns such as Peterborough, Bromsgrove and Walsall, and causing the welfare state costs to soar.

The deficit must also lead to higher taxes. Already those earning over £150,000 a year are looking at a top rate of 50% income tax, and they are beginning to vote with their feet. It’s clear already that VAT at 20% is a racing certainty whoever wins. But no one dare say it.

This is because New Labour has been gerrymandering on a scale that is quite breathtaking, deliberately allowing mass immigration, 590,000 in 2008 alone, and creating unproductive bureaucratic “jobs” at well over 1,000 per week for thirteen years, all with the cynical intent of boosting their vote at the polls.

Remember Dame Shirley Porter, the former head of Westminster Council, who was fined £27.0 million when her council gave cash emigration allowances to coloured people living in Paddington? What fine should be put on Blair and Brown? £1.0 billion? At least that would reduce this year’s deficit to a staggering £167.0 billion. See what I mean?

New Labour has been the worst government since The Long Parliament. The British electorate has no real choice but to get rid of Brown, the man who entered politics as the protégé of Jack Jones no less, who was as we all know now a fully paid-up member of the Communist Party whilst Head of the TUC, reporting into Moscow, when Michael Foot as Leader of the Old Labour Party – don’t ask me to spot the difference with New Labour because there isn’t any that I can see – was wont to address him as ‘Komrad’.

Wonderful, isn’t it? One tends to forget these facts. Just wonderful, that Brown has done far more damage to the British economy and society than was ever dreamed of by the Commies at the height of the Cold War.

And now the political class dare not tell the truth. Why? Because democracy in Britain is now subject to the Tyranny of the Minorities. No wonder the political class is as bankrupt of ideas as the economy it is meant to manage.

So we are left having to vote for the Conservatives, not because they dare to publish the answers – they may even have them, but how can we tell? – but because of the over-riding need to dump Brown and New Labour in the dustbin of history, where they are overdue since October 2007, and do truly belong.