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The Key to Banking Female Entrepreneurs in Asia

Pictet director Dina de Angelo offers tips on how to benefit from Asian wealth creation

Interest in Asia-Pacific is high given the World Wealth Report’s prediction that the region will regain its supremacy over North America.

Pictet director Dina de Angelo (pictured below left) believes that Asian women are the fastest-growing segment in the region, and so her thoughts on how to attract and retain these clients will make for profitable reading. 

‘Asian women entrepreneurs benefit from exceptional education and their work ethic is second to none. When they cash out of their first business, they soon move on to the next venture – they do not sit idly around.’

Growing in line with entrepreneurs worldwide, the Connecticut-born banker says that Asia’s businesswomen are, for the most part, young and require assistance in preserving and growing their wealth. 

‘To that end, they have a much longer time horizon than was historically the case. Clients now come to us in their thirties and you need to know how to plan investments for the long term.’

As for what wins out in beauty parades, De Angelo says that bankers who can double as gatekeepers have the edge. 

‘Bankers who understand how to put the best and most professional team around a client will be the ones who do well over the coming years.

'Clients look for bankers who are capable of putting them in touch with the best professionals in legal, tax, estate planning and finally, investment management. 

‘They are clear about their objectives and are interested in bankers who can help them organise their affairs for the next 20 years.’

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