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The 43-foot Kifaru baby yacht

Standing at just 43 feet, the Kifaru Baby Yacht is a lightweight, high-performance vessel that boasts a top speed of almost 45 knots, while keeping very low fuel consumption values. Powered by two Yanmar 370 hp diesel engines, the lightweight high-tech tender is made completely from aluminum alloy.


The Italian-designed hull of The Kifaru Baby Yacht is the V shape structure coordinated by the famous international yacht designer Luca Dini. The lightweight hull uses Series 5000 (Paralum 5083H11) aluminum alloy, with magnesium to guarantee exceptional resistance to corrosion.

The 43-foot open class small super yacht is designed for enthusiasts who value quality, technical innovation and refined styling, and who are looking for a compact yacht or an exclusive luxury tender. Priced at £468,000, this futuristic cruiser makes enjoying a day out at sea child’s play, whether it’s for day trips along the coast, shuttle service between mega yachts, or explore the sea further.


Luca Dini describes the baby yacht as “a fighter plane without wings.” “A fighter plane without wings, designed for expert owners who can readily recognize quality, technical innovation and refined styling, and who are looking for a compact yacht or an exclusive luxury tender. She is a small super yacht, sporting and high performance, while at the same time lightweight and efficient – a beautiful smart-boat!” Luca Dini stated.

Cantiere Navale Italia’s Kifaru Baby Yacht features stylish retractable features to ensure that decks are clear of any accessories. Designed to be easily operated by an owner who wants to play the role of captain, Kifaru collaborated with Naviop to develop a dedicated full integrated bridge system. The Baby’s bridge features a fully integrated helm designed in-house. The dashboard consists of a single wheel and a 24-inch touchscreen display that makes every operation on board easy — controlling navigation, safety, lighting, and entertainment system. Protecting the bridge is an aluminum canopy and crystal windscreen.


The foredeck features a pullout table of inlaid teak that provides shade on a sun-deck. There is a gangway that expands hydraulically to nearly 4 feet long, and the swim platform is equipped with a full-height shower on a retractable pole. Below decks there is a cabin with a large king size bed, spacious bathroom with separate shower and a full accessory galley.

Image Credit: Kifaru Yacht