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Suzanne Kingston
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The Spear’s 2016 Family Lawyer ofthe Year and ‘highly capable mentor’ says that although she relishes the teaching she does across the profession, it’s the practice of law which gives her greatest satisfaction.

She says litigation is something ‘I genuinely love — I think that is the way to hone your skills as a family lawyer’. However, those skills are just a part of a veritable legal arsenal which includes mediations, ‘some which have lasted several days’, as well as arbitrations endorsed by the judiciary and the family courts. ‘In years to come we’ll look back and see this as an absolute breakthrough in how we deal with our cases.’

Complimented by one client for being ‘approachable and amenable on the one hand but with a steely edge where necessary’, Kingston is also the person to help you avoid the divorce courts in the first place (see page 66). This year she’s been advising a large family on their trust structures to make sure they’re ‘divorce-proof’, using her meditation skills to facilitate a ‘long and difficult family meeting which led to preparing pre-nups for various members of the family and post-nups if they were already married’.