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Best of the Weekend: Kim Jong-Il’s Hennessy Habit, Nicky Haslam’s Love for Ed Miliband

We’ve gone through the weekend papers and picked out the best bits so you don’t have to

We've gone through the weekend papers and picked out the best bits so you don't have to

1. Which politician was a brandy firm's biggest customer? Kim Jong-Il spent £700,000 a year on Hennessy, The Daily Mail

North Korea's late leader Kim Jong-Il was reportedly the biggest client fro cognac brand Hennessy and spent £700,000 on the drink.

2. Nicky Haslam: I’m rather in love with Ed Miliband, The Sunday Times

At 73, the socialite and designer is eyeing pop stardom. The parties may be fewer, but he still can’t resist the urge to be outrageous

3. The dacha of my dreams, FT

Plyos, an idyllic village on the Volga, is fast becoming Russia’s answer to the Hamptons

4. Egypt: The second revolution, FT

After the celebrations, violence threatens national reconciliation

5. Singapore plots £5bn swoop on Lloyds, The Sunday Times

Singapore's giant sovereign wealth fund has made a preliminary approach to the government about buying a £4.5bn stake in Lloyds Banking Group.

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