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Top Flight Family Lawyer

Jane Keir is experiencing the celebrity status familiar to her high-profile clients during her annual catch-up with Spear’s.

Not only was she nominated for Family Lawyer of the Year at our 2019 Wealth Management Awards, she has also been featured as ‘Lawyer in the news’ in the Law Society Gazette for securing £400,000 compensation for her client, a law firm partner who sacrificed her career for her family, in RC v JC.

‘I kind of knew after the first meeting with my client. I thought, “Oh, she’s got a compensation claim there,”’ Keir explains, even though they are ‘incredibly rare’. But Mr Justice Moor’s decision to award that sum, in addition to an equal split on assets worth nearly £10 million, for what he called a ‘relationship-generated disadvantage’, was a nice surprise. ‘We were warned in this case, “Don’t treat it as though the floodgates are opening,” she adds.

‘But the right conditions were there and my client matched them.’ Keir also notes the capacity of service Kingsley Napley can offer. ‘We can just walk down the stairs and there’s the best immigration team in the country,’ she says.

‘So if we have someone who is about to get divorced and they’re terrified they’re about to lose their right to stay in the UK, we can resolve that really quickly.