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Indonesia Travel Survey

Indonesia Survey

By taking our travel survey you could be winning a luxury stay for two at the Baglioni Hotel in London, click here to read the terms and conditions of the prize draw.

Full Name:


Gender: MaleFemale

1. Have you ever travelled to Indonesia?


2. What reasons did you travel (or would make you travel) to Indonesia for? (tick all that apply):

HolidayVisiting Friends and RelativesBusinessTransit to other destinationsIt’s an Exotic destinationTo try something newIt was recommended to meI saw an advert in a magazine/onlineOther - specify

3. When you think of Indonesia which regions come to mind? (tick all that apply):

SumatraJavaSulawesiKalimantanBali & Nussatenggara IslandJakartaNone of the aboveOther (please name)

4. From the below which would you be more interested to find out about in Indonesia? (tick all that apply)

Diving & SnorkellingSurfingAdventureHiking, Trekking and Eco-toursHeritage SitesTraditional VillagesCuisineGolfWater SportsSpasCity LifeOther - specify

5. How likely are you to visit Indonesia in the next two years?

Very likelyLikelySomewhat likelyNot likelyNot sureI would never consider visiting Indonesia

Why would you never consider visiting Indonesia?

6. How would you rate your overall image of Indonesia?

I have a very positive image about IndonesiaI have a somewhat positive image about IndonesiaI don’t have an image about IndonesiaI have a negative image about IndonesiaI have a very negative image about Indonesia

7. What are the most challenging problems that you face when choosing a destination? (Tick all that apply)

Quality of servicesReliabilityLanguage difficultiesPrice e. Knowledge of destinationLocationEase of transport to/from the destinationSocio-eco-politic situationLifestyle choice freedom (eg not being able to wear shorts, hold hands, drink alcohol etc)Agreeing with family/friends over a destinationOther – please specify

8. Which of the below would make you choose Indonesia as your next travel destination – over other places? (tick all that apply)

Cheaper air fairsCheaper accommodationMore widespread use of EnglishAll-inclusive packagesA well informed and presented guide of the countryNo need for visa regardless where/how you enter the countryBetter currency exchangeNone of the aboveOther – specify

9. Which of the below do you think are true – when thinking of Indonesia (tick all that apply): It has a tropical climateIt has pristine waters/beachesIt has snowy mountainsIt is prone to earth-quakesIt is prone to tsunamisIt’s a former British ColonyIt’s a Muslim countryIts located in the Northern HemisphereIt’s located in the Southern HemisphereThe official language is EnglishIt’s a cheap destinationIt’s a Buddhist countryIt’s an islandIt’s an archipelagoIt’s a peninsulaIt’s part of AsiaIt’s part of AfricaIt’s part of India

10. Did you know that Java is part of Indonesia?