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Will Proger
Wealth Managers 2019
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Despite being just two years of age and having almost no brand name recognition, Saranac Partners is in rude health, with its AuM soaring past £1.6 billion last year. ‘When we opened our doors to clients in 2017 we focused on proof of concept, and we confirmed that in our first year,’ a gleeful Will Proger explains to Spear’s. ‘The last 12 months has really been about establishing our position in the market, attracting clients and hiring high-quality people, all of which we have done.’ Saranac was set up by a group of like-minded professionals looking to build an independent financial advisory with an ‘open-minded, unencumbered and forward-facing’ model. Things are moving quickly: Saranac has kept all the clients it started out with, and continues to add more. It’s already carving out a formidable niche in the UHNW sphere, thanks to its exceptional performance. ‘Time and again we find that what UHNW clients really want is advice, not product, and that advice delivered by an experience and independent firm. This has stood us in good stead,’ he adds. Proger is noticing a lot of growth in private capital. ‘Clients are increasingly looking for support and advice on their private capital investments and it’s a point of difference for us,’ he reports.