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Where to live in Italy


Sicily offers a different atmosphere to many of Italy’s cities, thus when looking for a slightly different lifestyle, Sicily is the perfect when deciding where to live in Italy. It’s a peaceful and calm island offering delicious food, warm hospitality, ancient traditions and pleasurable climate. Taormina is considered to be the most exclusive location in Sicily and is the best choice when looking for a luxury home. It is a perfect location presenting two scenic bays, vibrant social life and prestigious properties situated in the picturesque town centre. There are also wonderful homes in one of the Sicilian baroque palaces of Siracusa or Ragusa.

You can also decide on a luxury property among the white buildings of Trapani and Marsala, offering the view to Africa from the ancient Greek temples of Agrigento. Residents can also view the breathtaking landscape from the steep cliffs of the rocky northern coast and the white sandy beaches of the medieval town of Cefalù, located just one hour from the magnificent Aeolian Islands.