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Victor Dauppe
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‘The Revenue are being as belligerent as they’ve ever been’, says Victor Dauppe, who this year has taken on a specialist investigator and negotiator with a ‘very detailed knowledge of Revenue powers’ to help him on cases. ‘Most people don’t know exactly what the Revenue powers are, so people just do as they say. It’s great to have someone who can say with authority, “Actually you don’t need to give them that.”’

Dubbed by peers as a ‘hugely knowledgeable corporate and general tax specialist’, Dauppe is Arram Berlyn Gardner’s top man for personal and corporate tax. His client base is entrepreneurial and is attracted to ABG’s highly commercial brand of advice.

In his experience, many of his HNW clients are feeling cautiously optimistic about doing business in a post-Brexit Britain. ‘We’ve got a surprising amount of people who are expanding their business in these uncertain times and are looking into share structures for their employees,’ he says.

However, he believes our tax system could do with an overhaul. ‘I think the UK are trying very hard not to be unwelcoming to non-doms but we have a rather adversarial tax system, and we’re moving very quickly towards an American-style tax system where you hear nothing at all until they break down people’s doors,’ Dauppe warns. ‘Anyone coming into the country might feel that that wasn’t how it was 20 years ago, and that’s true.’