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Victor Dauppe
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Victor Dauppe, Arram Berlyn Gardner’s tax partner, has immense knowledge of tax – so much so that he has written and lectured extensively on the subject and co-authored a textbook on intellectual property law and taxation. ‘He is a well-known and widely respected tax practitioner, noted for his clear grasp of business and tax issues,’ a senior peer confirms.

His clarity on a range of private client and corporate issues in this field is admirable, especially when you consider that the landscape is anything but straightforward.
‘If I put £5 in your hand, what have I done? Given it to you? Lent it? Paid it? Repaid it? There are 28 interpretations of that transaction,’ he previously told Spear’s.

Dauppe’s client base is entrepreneurial and is attracted to Arram Berlyn Gardner’s highly commercial brand of advice. He has also argued that income tax and national insurance should merge in order to alleviate the burden on smaller companies and sole traders.

It’s the kind of elegant opinion that can only be arrived at after long experience. Dauppe has previously advised government, and finds similarities with his role and the rules in the board games he enjoys in his free time. ‘If you say, “I think the rule means this and I’m going to interpret the facts in a way-out fashion to come within that rule,” you’re going to upset a lot of people. Those days have gone, and rightly so.’