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From prime property to politics, Glentree’s Trevor Abrahmsohn can always be relied on to tell it like it is. Compared to some of his peers, he is unusually optimistic: ‘Over the past 18 months we have sold some £381million of residential property and at least 50 per cent is to foreign nationals, who want to buy a piece of English heritage in the “greatest city on earth”.’ He adds that London buyers can enjoy a ‘currency discount of 15 per cent’ in addition to prices falling by 25 per cent from the ‘halcyon days of 2014’. ‘If this isn’t nirvana, what is?’ he asks. Ever a bold and buoyant voice along ‘Billionaires’ Row’ in East Finchley, Abrahmsohn has four decades of experience selling properties around the £100 million mark to the likes of Lakshmi Mittal, Simon Cowell and Ringo Starr. However, he tells Spear’s that prime London still risks falling into a coma created in part by former chancellor George Osborne. ‘If you’re living in a £3 million house in London you’re not wealthy, you’re probably a middle-class to upper-middleclass person trying to make your way in life. You want to move upwards, but are now looking at over £1 million in taxes – around 20 per cent of your purchase price. That makes anyone think, “Is this worth the effort?”’