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Trevor Abrahmsohn
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A property veteran of four decades, Glentree founder Trevor Abrahmsohn counts the world’s wealthiest as previous clients – Lakshmi Mittal, Simon Cowell and Ringo Starr among them. His firm enjoys a virtual monopoly on ‘Billionaires’ Row’, Bishops Avenue in East Finchley, where prices go up to and beyond £100 million.

‘How many estate agents know how to get a deal across the line?’ he asks. ‘Many of them are clueless as to how to master it.’ So what’s his secret? ‘A mixture of psychotherapy, extreme cajoling and applied salesmanship, all driven by an assertive, wellintentioned desire to get people out of their own way.’

Abrahmsohn describes the first two quarters of 2017 as ‘pretty dismal’ – but he agreed ‘about £100 million’ of sales in the second quarter, ‘which was very welcome. We weren’t expecting it.’

The bulk came back after Christmas: ‘I think people feel that Brexit is going to be sorted… the pound is a great inducement,’ he says. ‘Last year we had the election, Brexit, this far-left rhetoric and three-ringed circus coming out of Europe – all of which destabilises confidence. Now there is a quiet confidence wafting over – foreign investors in residential property in London are not the slightest bit interested in Brexit.’