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Tracy Kellett
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Kellett’s sharp wit (and good humour) helps her see right through the players in the marketplace. She feels that vendors, developers and builders have become cannier with properties to capture buyers: ‘I think most of the things you see are gimmicks — “I’ll throw in an Aston Martin, I’ll pay your stamp duty” — on an over-inflated asking price. A pointless sort of action.’

Describing 2015 as neither a buyer’s nor a seller’s market, she observes several unusual issues in the ‘flat’ £1-3 million bracket: ‘We have recently had a couple of fall-throughs where very high-earning individuals couldn’t finance at the last minute. If other buying agents haven’t seen the same, I think they’re probably fibbing, because it’s still a challenge to get financing.’

Popular and respected for being outspoken about issues in the industry, Kellett says selling agents need to up their game: ‘They are fickle. When they have a lot of stock, when the market is a buyer’s market, they’re all over the buyers like a rash. When they haven’t got any stock and they are desperate, looking for stock in order to sell to their reams of buyers, they’re all over the vendors.’

She believes agents need to learn to give decent customer service all the way through: ‘When there’s a boom — as there regularly is, because it’s up and down, up and down in London — estate agents treat buyers with enormous disrespect, and buyers remember that.’