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Tom Hudson
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Since Tom Hudson co-founded Middleton Advisors in 2007, its client base has continued to expand thanks to its five-point mantra: focus, independence, trust, diligence and knowledge. ‘It’s a way of encapsulating how we’re different to other people,’ he says. ‘For me the most important thing is trust.’

The approach is paying off, and the firm claims it has saved clients an average of 3.5 times as much as its fees since 2008.

‘Our client list is very strong, so we’re just out hunting very hard for houses,’ says the affable Hudson, who was once dubbed by an industry peer as ‘the most proactive buyer in Hampshire’. Middleton sources a large chunk of its properties off-market – a skill that requires excellent contacts and hard graft.

‘The bulk is overpriced or substandard for our clients and it takes some time to wade through,’ says Hudson.

He’s aware of the rumours about stamp duty and a 3 per cent surcharge for foreign buyers, but notes that clients can ‘get an idea of what’s likely to happen in a stable government and will factor these points into their options already’.

As the firm’s client base grows, discretion is key for a serious buying agent like Hudson, who was endorsed by a top industry peer as ‘incredibly discreet’. He’s careful to make sure that his services always add value for purchasers.