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Tom Hudson
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Once dubbed by an industry peer as ‘the most proactive buyer in Hampshire’, Tom Hudson isn’t seeing business slowing in the lead-up to Brexit.

‘Our enquiry levels for new clients hasn’t changed at all,’ he tells Spear’s. The country market has remained robust, he says, because the principal drivers of business are prep schools and people whose children are growing up: ‘There are always going to be those wanting to move out of London to the country – that’s still going to happen whether or not we’re in the European Union.’

Hudson started his career at Property Vision. Since he co-founded Middleton Advisors in 2008, his client base has continued to expand, as has his team – ‘excellent property professionals who are some of the best in their field’, according to a peer.

There is an increasing number of international clients looking to buy UK land: ‘A country house is a wonderful trophy asset – it’s a beautiful way of entertaining. Some people also invest in land as a means of putting money away for future generations.’ The firm sources half its properties off-market, which requires excellent contacts, a nose for matching client to property, and hard graft. His advice to buyers: ‘Don’t compromise on the really key boxes you want to tick – be fussy, but at the same time, don’t hesitate if you see something that fits the bill. There may not be many about.’