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Tom Hudson
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Once dubbed by an industry peer as ‘the most proactive buyer in Hampshire’, Tom Hudson knows a thing or two about the country market. ‘There’s a lot of overvalued stock right now,’ he says. ‘Our job is to do as best we can for our clients – which usually means buying at the best possible price.

Since Hudson co-founded Middleton Advisors in 2008, the firm’s client base has continued to expand, and so has the team. ‘Tom has built a team of excellent property professionals who are some of the best in their field,’ says a peer.

The firm sources half its properties off-market, which requires excellent contacts, a nose for matching client to property, and hard graft. His advice to buyers: ‘Don’t compromise on the really key boxes you want to tick – be fussy, but at the same time, don’t hesitate if you see something that fits the bill. There may not be many about.’ Middleton’s success, he believes, is largely due to his clearly defined five-point mantra: focus, independence, trust, diligence and knowledge (also known as ‘The Middleton way’).

‘It’s a way of encapsulating how we’re different from other people,’ he says. ‘For me the most important thing is trust.