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Thomas Sasser

Sasser, Cestero & Sasser

Thomas Sasser
West Palm Beach, Florida
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Thomas Sasser could not possibly escape Spear’s transatlantic radar, no matter how discreet and sensitive his caseload. He is in fact one of the ‘great lawyers’ who came highly recommended by a very senior UK practitioner. There is a need for more discretion than usual at Sasser, Cestero & Sasser, as the clientele is made up of ‘captains of industry, celebrities, athletes and small business owners’. Equally, Sasser also looks after the family law matters of homemakers and working men and women, especially when the marital breakdown becomes complicated. Many individuals the firm represents are involved in ‘the distribution of multimillion-dollar holdings’. ‘We specialise in sophisticated and complex family law matters arising from interpersonal relationships both domestic and abroad.’ Sasser, the managing partner, oversees all family law issues: dissolution of marriage, child custody/visitation, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, paternity, enforcement and nuptial agreements. Service is all about ‘satisfying the economic and emotional goals of the client’, the firm says. Sasser and his team are known for being astute in both negotiation and litigation where necessary.