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Thomas Moran
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‘What is the decisive tax change or event that will reverse London’s success as an international city?’ was the question playing on clients’ minds last year, Moran says.

The fiscal landscape which has ‘just changed dramatically in the last several years’ concerns Moran, but he is optimistic that UK law still offers ‘a certain level of comfort’ to investors.

The Oxford-educated partner joined Speechly Bircham in 2005, nine years before it merged with Charles Russell. One peer calls Moran ‘a deal-doer who understands the commercial points and doesn’t waste time on the non-points’. He advises on high-value transactions, the most significant ones being the sale of a £63 million London home and the purchase of a £360 million apartment.

‘We’re busy here at the moment with a lot of transactions that must be done, you know, five minutes ago,’ he jokes. But he responds quickly to demands: ‘Basically, most people want you to move at the speed of light when they’ve agreed a deal.’

Clients also consult him on tax affairs, which he says is a key feature of the firm. From looking over complex structuring and advising on the most tax-efficient route for bringing money into the UK, to advising on family wealth preservation, the seasoned Moran enjoys the variety his role offers.