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Theophanis  Theophanous
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The industry has been feeling a little beaten up of late, but it’s been an exciting year for Barclays Wealth, says managing director and top gun UHNW banker Theophanis Theophanous.

‘We have increased our assets under management – both new client acquisition and increasing our share of wallet from existing clients,’ he says. ‘Our portfolios have performed well relative to benchmarks, we have many satisfied clients on the advisory side, and our high conviction ideas performed well.’

Friendly and perspicacious, Theophanous says he has seen interest from clients looking to invest in ‘real assets and real business’ and direct investments, both in start-ups and unlisted companies. Many clients are investing through entrepreneurial networking platform Barclays Accelerator (run by Techstars) into disruptive fintech startups.

When does he think the bull market will end? ‘I think financial forecasting is a business that makes astrology look respectable! I would rather say stay diversified and stay invested.’

And cryptocurrencies? ‘In my personal opinion, as this area gets more regulated the excitement around it will start to disappear. However, some cryptocurrencies will survive.’

A keen traveller with his young family, Theophanous worked at Deloitte as partner and head of private client services in Cyprus before joining Barclays in 2011.