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The Spear’s Health and Wellness Index 2022

The Spear’s Health and Wellness Index is an indispensable resource for high-net-worth individuals in search of fitness, wellbeing and mental health

Self-care is an essential part of a life well lived. Sedentary lifestyles, stress, long hours and rich diets all conspire to create physical problems that can distract us from our goals if we do not treat our bodies with the respect they require. Help is at hand. There is a legion of knowledgeable professionals eager to assist HNWs on their path to wellness.

The Spear’s Health and Wellness index covers everything from private GPs and surgeons to psychiatrists and counsellors, health clubs, life coaches and personal trainers. There are allergy specialists, rehab centres and laser eye surgeons. Everything you need to live well is here, at your disposal.

Preventative Medicine

Psychiatrists and Counsellors

Personal Trainers

Health Clubs & Spas


Allergy Specialists

Private Doctors and Surgeons

Opticians, Ophthalmologists and Laser Eye Surgery Specialists

Genetics Clinics

Life Coaches & Performance Coaches

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