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The best photography and creative services providers for HNWs in 2022

Welcome to the Spear’s ranking of the best holiday photography and creative services providers for high-net-worth-individuals. The list features our Top Recommendations 

Weddings, celebrations, launches and commemorations in high net worth families and companies can be spectacular and demand to be recorded well. A good photographer makes it easy to look back at your special day with the fondness it deserves. The Spear’s Index features the very best of the UK’s society photographers, archivists and restorers.

For example, new this year is Andrea Verenini, a husband-and-wife team who produce beautiful, richly coloured painterly photographs for a select handful of clients each year. They join Lara Arnott, who has been entrusted with capturing Elton John’s Christmas party and Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s 70th birthday.

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