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Stuart Baldock


Stuart Baldock
Paris, Cote d’Azur & Provence
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Peers praise Stuart Baldock for his ‘unparalleled knowledge of the market’ and ‘excellent negotiation’. He acts for British-based and international buyers investing in second or third properties in Paris, St Tropez and the Alps. A recent memorable property was an ‘olive growing estate in Provence which began as a farmhouse and was restored over the years’.

He says he’s ‘enthusiastic about the next 12 months because France seems to be in such a good place’ and speaks highly of Paris, where French buyers have boosted the market and contributed to rising prices. ‘Everyone knows what they can get out of Paris – it’s a romantic city, with wide beautiful boulevards where people spend a lot of the time sitting on the pavement having a glass of wine, and that’s a lifestyle choice,’ he says.

Since the Brexit vote, clients are now more inclined to take their time with a purchase and ‘much more careful about what they’re doing’, Baldock notes. However, reaction to Brexit has been ‘very varied’ – some people pull out of transactions, while others go ahead with purchases but much faster.

He co-founded HindleBaldock in 2012 with Nigel Hindle. It is the only company in France exclusively representing buyers.