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Stephen Kattou

Lincoln Private Investment Office

Stephen Kattou
Wealth Managers 2018
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‘I think the best private wealth managers genuinely care and empathise with their client,’
says Stephen Kattou. ‘It’s about being able to really put yourself in their shoes.’

Praised by clients for being ‘smart and hard-working, with his strong values at the forefront’, Kattou started his career at Barclays, where he worked for seven years across different areas of the business. He eventually settled in a client adviser role and moved to Lincoln three years ago. The move ‘was driven by a desire to be part of an independent firm aligned to clients in a unique way’, he says.

Kattou says all the firm’s wealth managers invest their own money with Lincoln, using the same portfolio structures they use for clients: ‘At Lincoln we really walk the walk.’

Lincoln is owned by a number of clients and senior members of the team, hence ‘nobody is seeking for Lincoln to drive short-term profits or deliver economies of scale – instead they want us to focus on us doing our day job as well as we possibly can’.

Kattou also helps lead the firm’s alternatives offering: ‘This part of what we do is particularly relevant to clients who wish to access truly uncorrelated opportunities and feel that wealth management is not just about protecting wealth, but rather it can be about growing wealth at the right time in the right way.’