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Stephen Foster
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‘I think there will be a revolution,’ Stephen Foster tells Spear’s from his cottage in Dorset, as the Covid-19 pandemic approaches its peak in the UK. He is describing the transformative effect this has been having on the way family law operates – but instead of complaining about remote working or the quality of video conferencing calls, Foster sees this as an opportunity. But this is not entirely new for Foster, who has been building Stewarts’ reputation as an ‘entrepreneurial’ family law firm since 2006.

‘Even before the crisis, we had moved to what we call “agile working”,’ he says. He recalls acclimatising to WhatsApp as the key communication platform last year for an Italian client whom he describes as the ‘really cool, go-ahead’ type of businessman. Clients include figures from the City and entrepreneurs, and many of his cases have an international dimension including Europe, the US and the Middle East.

The personable and adaptable Foster is keen to cement Stewarts’ reputation further. ‘We have ten of the best partners in London,’ he declares. It’s no wonder that the Times once described Foster as the man who is ‘leading Stewarts’ phalanx of family lawyers to the top of the pack’.