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The Spear’s Cosmetic Procedures index 2022

The Spear’s Cosmetic Procedures index 2022

If you're an HNW looking for a lift, surgical or otherwise, or an answer to your thinning hair you need look no further than the Spear's Cosmetic Procedures Index 2022

High net worth women and men find it worth their while taking the time to present themselves as they would like to be seen, and the doctors and practitioners on the Spear's index are the best in the UK at helping them achieve the results they want. Hair, teeth, bodies, faces, skin can all benefit from the attention of a truly skilled practitioner, leaving you looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Follow these links to find the treatment you've been looking for:

Cosmetic Surgeons

Hair Loss

Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures Including Botox & Fillers

Dentists and Orthodontists

Opticians, Ophthalmologists and Laser Eye Surgeons

All of our recommendations are based on nominations from peers and patients, industry rankings, awards, professional qualifications and memberships and interviews conducted by the Spear's Research Unit. If you work in this field and wish to put yourself forward for consideration fill in the submission form and the Research Unit will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.