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Simon Weil might breathe old-school charm, but he’s also a cutting-edge thinker on the state of taxation law.

‘Earlier in the year we did a presentation in the Channel Islands called “The Endless Labyrinth”,’ he says. ‘We looked at where everybody is now in the context of inheritance tax, resident and non-resident, and all the huge changes in capital taxation, and the huge burden of regulation that now weighs down upon…’ His voice trails off at the enormity of it all.

Solicitors are becoming, says Weil, more like ‘holistic’ advisers. ‘Philanthropy isn’t a safe haven. If we’re acting for non-doms who want to create a grant, we have to be careful about source of funds.’

Weil has seen a marked increase in charities with dual nationality territories, particularly between here and the US. Interestingly, he’s sceptical about the Giving Pledge: ‘I’m much keener on the introduction of living legacies into this country.’ Weil is lobbying the Treasury to introduce the relevant provisions into the Finance Act: ‘There’s a groundswell of support for this.’

Even so, all this can sometimes seem small when set against his biggest fear. And what’s that? ‘Jeremy Corbyn getting into Downing Street.’