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Simon Pring
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Farrer’s estates and private property head is clear about what separates the great from the good. ‘A sense of humour,’ says the personable Pring.

The Devon-born hunter and self-described country boy is one to know the landscape. Having focused almost exclusively on Britain’s country estates since 1992, today he advises major landowning clients on all aspects of property law relating to ownership, including investment leasing, sales and purchases. He also has particular expertise in VAT as it relates to agricultural and commercial landholdings.

‘The election made a huge difference,’ he says. ‘Everyone got really jittery coming up to it, and quite rightly I think — we could have had some very nasty capital taxes. There’s been a big sigh of relief from business and landed estates generally.’

He says much has changed in twenty years — not least increasing commercial diversification on Britain’s great estates — from safari and theme parks to solar and wind farms. ‘They’re basically turning them into more commercial animals.’

Pring’s career began in commercial property, until he was asked by a senior partner to help with the firm’s landed estates portfolio, particularly for the Duchy of Lancaster — owned by the Crown.