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Saskia Arthur
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Arthur recently spoke to UHNWs who still found London desirable, thanks to its robust rule of law and quality education. Stamp duty changes are still a concern, but once ‘people have got used to the fact that this is now the tax regime’, she predicts transactions gaining momentum towards the end of 2016.

Relocation to the UK still poses problems for some wealthy investors as they find it increasingly difficult to withdraw cash from their respective countries. ‘We’ve always had a big Russian presence in London and with the devaluation of the rouble, with the sanctions that have been brought in, it’s harder for Russians to be able to get money out of Russia, even if they’re legitimate funds.’

But no matter how frustrating her clients’ troubles might be, the warm and engaging
Oxford-educated lawyer always sets aside time to disentangle them from complex problems. One impressed peer told Spear’s: ‘It is always reassuring that when you need her to pull out all the stops she appears, welly bag in hand, to walk boundaries, discuss issues, and give attention to some of the finer details.’